Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sohanguve April Report

When the schools closed for the Easter holidays, the team took a 3 weeks break and resumed with the teachings on the second week after the schools reopened & the team managed to conduct teachings to 82 pupils at Botse-Botse high school.
After the teachings had been conducted the team is engaged in the Spiritual Follow-ups at the assembly twice a week and in the Student Christian Movement during break/lunch time at school. The team is also intending to set up the teams in the schools by identifying 1 or 2 students per class who have the potential to carry out the task to do the follow-ups in their respective classes. These teams will be trained for this duty, the teachings will be held at the office and refreshments and transport should be organized for the attendants.
On the 24th April the team was part of the awareness campaign organized by its partner Soshanguve North Cluster HIV Campaign Organizers. The Better Choice team had established a partnership with the S.N.C.H.C.O. The organization work together with organization such as Love Life, FPB, Life Line, Institute of Health, Heartlincs and Soulbuddyz. Heart lines is the programme that deals with values on the national TV 6 weeks annually and continue with the promotion of values in the community, Soulbuddyz host a teenagers drama on AIDS and values on South African Broadcasting Corporation channel 1(SABC 1).
The S.N.C.H.C.O conducts its programs at school whereby they educate the pupils, their parents and the community about HIV and they also conduct voluntary HIV test.
Whenever the S.N.C.H.C.O hosts events they always invites the team to perform the story of Thandiwe, which is dramatically changing the lives of the adolescent, teenagers and young adults pertaining their choice and dreams, they learn how life can be horrible to live by making wrong or bad choice and how HIV can dash their dream if they are not careful and not informed about this dreadful disease. The team also gets the opportunity to make known the program of better choice to the pupils and their parents, teachers and the community at large and this also grant the team an access to conduct the teaching at the same school.
There is a great demand of training from different churches of Cross Bearers Ministers Fraternal, so the team is hoping to conduct at least one or two workshops before the end of this month. The team and the Soshanguve North Cluster HIV Campaign Organizer are planning to host a big HIV/AIDS awareness campaign at our church, Ebenezer Christian fellowship centre for the church and the community at large.
We so much keen to know when I you coming to Soshanguve and how many persons are coming so that we can be able to arrange the dates at school and accommodation for the visitors, find attached to this letter the quotation of the projector kits and compare it with Dawie's
Kinds regard